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long-term care

long-term care

Truth Stranger Than Fiction Proves Need For Asset Protection And Long-Term Care

What I’m getting ready to tell you may read like some strange, fictional tale. But, believe me, it is a real case that happened to…

The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm Founder, Victoria L Collier Clarifies Difference Between Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

Estate & Asset Protection Attorney, Victoria Collier makes it very clear that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ form of asset protection and that when it comes…

Long-Term Care

Long-term Confusion Around Long-Term Care and Assets In Revocable Trusts

It is completely understandable that there would be confusion around trusts and long-term care needs. With a multitude of trusts that can be established, most…

long-term care

Two Little Known Options for Long-Term Care

Life is full of uncertainties. Not a single one of us knows how long we will live. We don’t know if our health will hold…

The Elder & Disability Law Firm Founder, Victoria L Collier Urges Early Asset Protection

Certified Elder Care Attorney, Victoria Collier encourages readers to seek asset protection before it’s too late, saying that once a crisis point is reached, meaning…

Founder of The Elder & Disability Law Firm, Victoria L. Collier on Asset Protection

Certified Elder Care Attorney, Victoria Collier, offers guidance on how to protect assets from the government and long-term care costs by getting various financial sources…