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Tax Planning Through the Use of Trusts

Pod Cast Date:  February 13, 2019 (

Episode Title:  Tax Planning Through the Use of Trusts

Key Take Aways You Can Learn From This Episode:

  1. Why not a lot of people with taxable estates anymore?
  2. Why do you need tax planning if estate taxes will affect so few?
  3. How can an Irrevocable Trust
  • protect your home from governmental agencies?
  • retain your personal residence tax incentives?
  • allow step-up basis opportunity at time of death?
  1. How can an IRA Beneficiary Trust
  • ensure beneficiaries remain as intended after death?
  • limit depletion of IRA balance to pay the income tax exposure?
  • allow balance to compound interest during the life of the beneficiary?
  1. How can a Revocable Trust allow married people who have low basis investments that have greatly appreciated have a double step-up in basis?