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Patricia Mashego

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“Make it a goal to see the best in everyone and the best will come back to you” Rhonda Byme

Patricia is the firm’s Executive Assistant. Patricia started her profession as a secretary and rose the ranks into different positions of both management and skill-set. Though she has found professional success in several avenues, the love for business administration has never left her. Her dream has always been to be a CEO’s right-hand person – a role that is very valuable but often underrated.

Patricia holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of South Africa (UNISA). Patricia’s experience is vast and includes, marketing, business process improvement, real estate, office administration, and operations.

Patricia has always been interested in Elder Law. She has a passion for older people and believes in aging gracefully and preparing for the smoothest exit possible from this world. As a result of having had very close family members suffer unfortunate life-changing illnesses, her passion has heightened for the elderly and not so elderly people who all have to plan for medical life challenges.

Her greatest hobby is traveling. She believes that traveling is not a luxury but rather key in getting to understand the world in which one is only a mere tiny part. By focusing to learn and respecting the cultures of those she interacts with, Patricia’s goal is to ensure that the tiny part she plays in this would is one of both care and compassion.

Born and raised in Southern Africa, Patricia treasures family and the memories that are created when together. Each day, she cherishes the time she shares with her husband, her two adult daughters, and her teenage son.


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