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Daphne C. Reiley

daphne_reiley-200x300 - client coordinator at The Firm Elder and Disability Law Firm“I do not understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us.”  ~ Anne LaMott

Daphne is the firm’s Estate Planning Paralegal.  Born and raised in the metro-Atlanta area, Daphne has always called Atlanta home.  Even though she has always lived in the Atlanta area, some of her best memories from childhood revolve around the road trips she and her family took – her most fond memory being a trip into Canada in 1976 where she and her family were greeted constantly with questions about Jimmy Carter.

Daphne has worked as a legal secretary for many years – taking a break to marry and have a family.  Now, as her children are teens, she’s back in the legal world.  In addition to her husband and children, Daphne’s family includes two rescued dogs and a cat.

Daphne came to The Elder & Disability Law Firm via the caregiver spiritual support ministry she headed at First Christian Church of Decatur.  As a result of Daphne’s own caregiving journey with her mother as she lived with Alzheimer’s, Daphne developed a deep understanding of the spiritual needs isolated caregivers have as well as those same needs of their loved ones for whom they care.   Daphne brings a unique perspective, compassion, and understanding to her work with the firm’s clients.  She says that listening is the most important gift someone can offer to a caregiver – a gift Daphne always offers to our clients.

In 2013, Daphne co-authored a book with her colleague, the Rev. Dr. Joseph LaGuardia, entitled A Tapestry of Love, the Spirituality of Caregiving.