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Medicaid Planning For Middle Class to Low Income Clients


The middle class in this country is diminishing rapidly.

For those in the middle class, it requires every bit of wit and wisdom to hold onto the hard earned money you’ve worked for your entire life. If illness comes suddenly upon you all of your assets could be wiped out in a heartbeat.

The wealthy turn to tax planners to protect their assets.

However, those in the middle class and those less well off typically only have Medicaid to turn to. Medicaid is rarely if ever a consideration among the well to do. It is my passion to help those who need it most. One of those ways of helping is through Medicaid Planning.

Medicaid Planning is a legal process of structuring assets in a way that is permissible with the State Medicaid rules. It is for those of us who are the backbone of America, those with few and limited assets.

Most people don’t understand that Medicaid Planning can and really needs to be part of an overall asset protection plan.

There is no need to spend or give away all of your assets and resources. While you are still healthy, you can create a Medicaid plan that will be in place in your time of need to protect your hard earned assets.

There is no need to wait for a crisis. If you do, you may end up overwhelmed and go into a reactive mode that could once again wipe out what little resources you have.

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