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veteran benefits

A Veteran In Securing Veteran Benefits

Happy Independence Day! We’ve just celebrated our Independence which always makes me think of our ongoing independence and freedom as a nation. This is due…

digital assets

It’s Easy To Overlook Digital Assets When Creating A Will

We are living in the digital age and we are collecting massive numbers of digital items. However, many just don’t consider digital assets when creating…

elder law tips and caring for elderly parents

Caring For Elderly Parents Is A Tough Job But Someone’s Gotta Do It

It can be difficult to deal with our parents – much less care for elderly parents – as they are getting older. Watching our parents…

estate plan and planning for the estate after death

Some Say That Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Revenge aside, when all is said and done, it’s truly great to both live well and to die well. But, dying well is not exactly…

getting older

No One Wants to be Neglected or Forgotten

“I Don’t Want To Be Forgotten” This is a phrase I’ve heard so many times when I work with the elderly getting their legal paperwork…

aging parents

Protect Aging Parents From Scams

In this modern world scams can be found everywhere. We live in a digital world and a world of technologically advanced scam artists who are…

Asset protection is a necessity for family protection

In A Litigious World Asset Protection Is A Necessity

Why consider asset protection? We’ve heard it over and over that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Unfortunately, that is definitely true when it comes…

VA Foster Care veteran's affairs attorney

Foster Care Homes Program Provides For Veterans Who Can’t Live On Their Own

As a veteran and an attorney specializing in elder law including veteran’s affairs, I do everything I can to help my fellow veterans. Unfortunately, there…

caregiver for aging parent

Become A Caregiver With No Regrets

Becoming a caregiver is a big commitment. We often take on the role of being our parents’ caregivers, sometimes by default and other times consciously…


Someone Failed Cryptocurrency Asset Protection 101

As an asset protection attorney I’m always on the lookout for articles about cryptocurrency. This one made me catch my breath when I read, “A…

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