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Now’s The Time To Get Your Affairs In Order

Prepping For the Coronavirus As the world reels in the face of the deadly and insidious Coronavirus, all anyone wants to do is to protect…

estate plan cost based vs value based

Your Estate Plan: Value-Based Versus Cost-Based Estate Planning

With the start of a new year, many people who may have put off asset protection have made it a resolution to get their estate plan done this year.
For those people, I say, “congratulations!” This is an important decision and one that deserves careful consideration when selecting an attorney to make it happen.

elder law tips social security scam

Elder Law Tips: Official Social Security Scam Alert

One of our important elder law tips is that if you are a senior… please be on the alert for suspicious phone calls, texts and emails. Scammers are always trolling for seniors who may have issues with mental alertness and memory, and they use fear tactics designed to confuse.

Estate Planning or Elder Care Attorney? What Do You Need?

Estate Planning or Elder Care Attorney? What Do You Need?

There are several important things seniors need to consider to ensure that the golden years are peaceful and protected. Among these are estate planning and asset protection.  An elder care attorney can be your secret weapon to ensuring seniors are prepared and covered for anything that life still might have to spring on you. 

asset protection planning

Asset Protection: Most People Turn To Professionals For Everything Except this Important Area

Why should you consider turning to professionals for asset protection? It’s not unusual to turn to professionals… We go to doctors when we don’t feel…

free seminars to prepare for end of life asset protection

Our Free Seminars Prepare for End of Life – Helping You Protect Yourself in Life and Death Matters

Why prepare for end of life? Have you ever heard the saying that “The art of living well and the art of dying well are…


A Year-End Review Of Lessons Learned

Each year goes so fast with 2019 being no exception. Looking back, I find that the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned are…

phone scam

Asset Protector for Seniors: Don’t Be A Victim Be Wary Instead

Asset protection for Seniors has always been important to me and I recently read an article at about a recent Senate committee report saying that older adults lose an estimated $2.9 billion each year to financial scams. Of course criminals are going to target the most vulnerable people and adults 65+ are at the top of their lists.


A Special Time For Giving Thanks

Thank you. These are two of the most powerful words in the English language. Most children are taught to say them as soon as they…

Veteran's Day

Remember The Veterans Who Served Our Country

Happy Veteran’s Day! Veteran’s Day is always November 11th, but sometimes formally recognized the Monday after as a federal holiday. I spent 6 years in…

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