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Veteran's Day

Remember The Veterans Who Served Our Country

Happy Veteran’s Day! Veteran’s Day is always November 11th, but sometimes formally recognized the Monday after as a federal holiday. I spent 6 years in…

business plan

The Business Plan For Getting Out Of Business

Do You Have a Succession Plan? If you’re a business owner, like I am, your dream was to create a business that would provide for…

special needs planning

The Importance Of Correct Estate Planning For Those With Special Needs

If you have a loved one who has a disability either from birth or acquired during his or her lifetime, and you want to provide…


Talking About Death and Asset Protection: We All Have A Date With Death

I’ve been thinking about and talking about death with other people. In fact, thinking and talking about death and asset protection is part of my…

suicide prevention

September Is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide affects more than just the victim. While death is a difficult topic for most people, death by suicide is even more difficult and highly…


A Continuing Discussion About A Topic Most People Don’t Want To Discuss

Death It’s not exactly the cheeriest of topics. In fact, most Americans would rather avoid the topic altogether. I have discovered though that there are…

veteran benefits

A Veteran In Securing Veteran Benefits

Happy Independence Day! We’ve just celebrated our Independence which always makes me think of our ongoing independence and freedom as a nation. This is due…

digital assets

It’s Easy To Overlook Digital Assets When Creating A Will

We are living in the digital age and we are collecting massive numbers of digital items. However, many just don’t consider digital assets when creating…

elder law tips and caring for elderly parents

Caring For Elderly Parents Is A Tough Job But Someone’s Gotta Do It

It can be difficult to deal with our parents – much less care for elderly parents – as they are getting older. Watching our parents…

estate plan and planning for the estate after death

Some Say That Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Revenge aside, when all is said and done, it’s truly great to both live well and to die well. But, dying well is not exactly…

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