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digital asset protection plan

A Digital Asset Protection Plan: How To Establish Legal Rights To Digital Assets

How much of your life is online? As we move deeper and deeper into the digital world, we accumulate more digital assets that have monetary…

why have a probate attorney

Make Sure Your Dream Home Doesn’t Become a Nightmare for Your Heirs

Home ownership has long been and continues to be the ultimate American dream! But all too often the physical place we call ‘home’ turns into…

estate planning and planning for the estate after death

Planning for the Estate After Death: Creating A Goodbye Plan

You’ve probably heard the Beatles song called Hello Goodbye. Not necessarily the most compelling or insightful lyrics, but very concise, and like everything they did,…

elder law tips caring for adult elderly parents

Are Adult Children Legally Obligated For The Care Of Their Aging Parents

Every now and then I am asked by a client whether adult children are legally obligated to take care of their parents in their elder…

senior travel

Planning A Vacation With An Aging Parent

Travel is one of life’s most rewarding activities and it appeals to all ages. For seniors, travel is even more exciting because it gets them…

Elder Care Attorney in Georgia - Atlanta and Decatur

Who Needs An Elder Care Attorney And When

Life moves fast. Do you have an elder care attorney you trust? Why consider an elder care attorney? For most people, life is so busy…

review asset protection plan - Estate And Asset Protection

What Is An Estate And Asset Protection Attorney And Why Do You Need One?

Tax season just ended which often creates a sense of anxiety in many. I encourage my clients to use this time for an annual review…

End of Life Planning for aging parents

A Guide To Asking Your Aging Parents End Of Life Questions

How do adult children address end of life issues with parents who may be extremely private? More importantly, how do you approach your parents with…

is Medicaid at risk

Separation From Loved Ones And Earned Benefits Threatens Aging Population

We human beings are afraid of being separated from our good. Those things that give us comfort and nourishment, physically, emotionally and mentally are our…

Baby Boomer care for elderly parents

Baby Boomers Who Care for Elderly Parents: New Age-Old Challenges

“You’re only as old as you feel.” … “Age is just a number.” … “60 is the new 40.” We’ve heard all the clichés about…

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