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Uncertain Times And Uncertain Measures

These Are Uncertain Times We are unquestionably living in the midst of uncertainty. Never have the majority of people alive today been subject to the…

seniors and medical marijuana

Elder Law Tips: Those Suffering From Many Diseases Could Be Candidates For Medical Marijuana

Elder Law Tips: Seniors and Medical Marijuana Why discuss seniors and medical marijuana in our elder law tips? Seniors and/or the elderly might not commonly…

suicide among seniors

Suicide Among Seniors

I often write about suicide during the month of September which is suicide prevention month. But, the fact is that December, January and February are…

IRA Based Estate Plans - The SECURE Act

IRA Based Estate Plans: New SECURE Act Comes With Good News And Bad News

IRA based estate plans can be a good way to prepare for retirement. If you’ve been contributing to an IRA, 401k or other retirement plan account, you need to become aware of the details of the new SECURE Act that was signed into law in December of 2019 and went into effect January 1, 2020.

Estate Planning or Elder Care Attorney? What Do You Need?

Estate Planning or Elder Care Attorney? What Do You Need?

There are several important things seniors need to consider to ensure that the golden years are peaceful and protected. Among these are estate planning and asset protection.  An elder care attorney can be your secret weapon to ensuring seniors are prepared and covered for anything that life still might have to spring on you. 

elder law finances

The Difficulty Of Making Changes To Accounts At Banks And Other Financial Institutions

Dealing with Finances in Elder Law Can be Frustrating I bring this topic to your attention for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, banks…

create vision for estate plan

Create A Clear Vision for Your Estate Plan And Act On It Before The New Decade Is Over

Over the years of my law practice, so many clients have come to me and told me they had been thinking about setting up an estate plan and asset protection plan, sometimes for a decade or more. Unfortunately, most of these people arrive at my door under duress. The duress a result of their not setting up an estate and asset protection plan yet.

New Year

Year In Year Out

Happy Holidays and A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year To All! As another year draws to a close and we go into that in-between…

elder abuse

Elder Abuse: When Talking Domestic Violence Awareness, Let’s Not Forget Elder Abuse

“Domestic violence affects millions, both women and men, of every race, religion, culture and status. It’s not just punches and black eyes — it’s yelling,…

retirement plan

It’s A Great Time Of Year For A Retirement Plan Financial Assessment

Let’s look at what is taken into consideration during a retirement plan financial assessment. Holidays can often stir up quite a bit of financial distress…

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