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When You Need An Asset Protection and Estate Planning Attorney Who Makes House Calls

Estate Planning

Way back in the olden days, doctors were accustomed to making house calls. But who has ever heard of a doctor making a house call in the past 30 or 40 years? It simply doesn’t happen.

Even stranger is the thought of an attorney making a house call.

That is truly unheard of. But not so at our firm. We actually specialize and focus exclusively on serving the legal needs of senior citizens. This includes the areas of Medicaid Planning, Special Needs Planning, VA Benefits Planning and Estate Planning.

While many of our clients are completely able-bodied and mentally sharp, in some cases our clients and prospective clients may be unable to come to our office. Some clients are physically frail, yet mentally sharp as a tack. So, we go to the clients who are unable to come to us due to health reasons.

It is our great honor and privilege to support our clients in the creation of a long-term care plan for preserving assets, maximizing independence, and enhancing quality of life.

Whether you have a lifetime of savings or are living on a fixed income and, whether you can come to us or not, we will always go the distance to create a legal plan that will do the utmost to enhance your peace of mind and quality of life.

Don’t be put off by attorneys who will only take interest in handling your legal needs if you can meet them in their offices. Every person’s circumstances are unique. We respect that and understand there are times when making a house call can be a life-saving gesture.