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What To Look For When Selecting A Non-Family Caregiver

Image of Elder  amp; Disability Law COVID 19 coronavirus caregivers asset protection Alzheimers awareness  on estate management asset protection law site

Without question, the COVID-19 pandemic made families think twice about putting a loved one in long-term care or nursing home facility. For nearly a year, it was impossible to gain access to these facilities as the pandemic ravaged those dear ones who were already residents. As a result, in the past year and a half, home care services have been on the rise as families look to have their loved ones’ needs tended to in the comfort of their own homes. However, that too has been challenging in light of the precautions being taken as a result of the pandemic.


Don’t Let Desperation Cloud Your Judgment 

Finding qualified caregivers willing to accept a position during this time has been and continues to be difficult. However, it is a crucial role that so many people are desperate to fill as more people are returning to work and may no longer be available to those who require their care. Remember that your desperation could very well cloud your judgment. It’s kind of like the advice to not go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You’ll inevitably end up with things you really don’t need and shouldn’t have. Likewise, desperation can be destructive when searching for an in-home caregiver.

It is very important to be rigorous when selecting a non-family caregiver. After all, you are putting the life of your loved one in someone else’s hands. You want to be as certain as you can be that your loved one will be treated kindly and lovingly.


Required Attributes To Look For In A Non-Family Caregiver 

I’ve put together a list of some of the non-negotiable traits to look for when selecting an in-home caregiver. If you don’t sense these traits in those you are interviewing, move on until you find the right balance of traits. After all, the idea is to give both yourself and your loved one peace of mind. If you are comfortable from the outset your relationship with the caregiver will only become stronger as will the bond between caregiver and care recipient.


Look For Patience. When things don’t go as planned or as quickly as planned, a person who is patient understands and goes with the flow. As a caregiver, the person receiving care may often be hesitant. Patience is an absolute requirement.

Look For Compassion. Compassion is a trait that translates into an understanding of what someone else is going through. Any qualified in-home caregiver must display compassion.

Look For Attentiveness. It is important for a caregiver to notice if and when there are emotional or physical changes that occur in the care recipient. Being attentive to sometimes subtle behavioral changes can be integral.

Look For Dependability.  Dependability is important not only to your loved one who is the care recipient but also to you and the other family members.  It’s imperative to be able to count on the caregiver showing up and providing the level of care needed.

Look For Trustworthiness. In-home caregivers have access to the belongings of the person they are caring for. It is crucial that the caregiver be someone you and the care recipient trust implicitly.


The Right Caregiver Makes All The Difference

No doubt the requirements I’ve listed seem like they may only exist in an angel just arrived from a heavenly plane. Be assured though, there are caregivers out there who embody these attributes and by being patient and concerned with the proper care of your loved one, the right angel will inevitably appear.


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