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What To Look For When Retaining An Estate Planning Attorney

Image of retain an estate planning attorney establish an estate plan creating an asset plan  on estate management asset protection law site

Have you ever thought about retaining an estate planning attorney?

Making the decision to establish an estate plan is a very important one. If you have made that decision, congratulations. Now, the next step comes into play, which is an equally important decision: Retaining the right estate planning attorney.

So how do you begin when looking to retain an estate planning attorney? And what do you look for?

The first thing to look for when beginning your search to retain an estate planning attorney is experience (expertise) and focus.

By focus I mean an attorney who specializes in estate planning. Some attorneys who have little or no experience in trust and estate planning will happily enter your information into a software program without knowing the ways in which laws of your state can impact your estate. An experienced estate planning attorney will have expertise gleaned from having discussed issues with thousands of clients and should be able to provide a different perspective and advice on your unique situation.

Another thing to look for, especially if you are in a hurry and do not have the luxury of time due to illness or some other pressing situation, is the amount of time it will take to prepare the plan.

If time is of the essence, once again you’ll want experience on your side as well.

An excellent estate attorney’s primary goal is to learn as much information about your family and planning goals. This is essential to creating an estate plan that incorporates your objectives. Most estate planning attorneys will begin the process by asking intimate questions about your current assets, family tree, and physical/mental health.

This being said, you want to know that your attorney is trustworthy, and you want to feel absolutely comfortable sharing this information. You also want your attorney to be patient and able to explain the complexities of the state planning process in a way that you understand. So take your time and interview as many attorneys as it takes to find the one with whom are comfortable.

The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm focuses its entire practice on asset protection and estate planning.

Our mission is to support our clients in the creation of a long-term care plan for preserving assets, maximizing independence, and enhancing quality of life.


Looking to find an experienced estate lawyer in the Georgia area who is skilled in asset protection and estate plan preparation? Shannon Pawley is an attorney in Georgia with expertise in estate planning and asset protection. Shannon can provide assistance with creating an estate plan to include making a will and how to establish a trust properly. If you have questions about asset protection or questions about making an estate plan, reach out to Shannon and she will be glad to help answer all the estate planning questions you might have!

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