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Talking About Death and Asset Protection: We All Have A Date With Death


I’ve been thinking about and talking about death with other people.

In fact, thinking and talking about death and asset protection is part of my work as an Estate and Asset Protection Attorney

No one knows the exact date of their death. Even those with terminal diseases who’ve had doctors give them a specific timeframe in which they are expected to take their leave cannot be certain. In fact, some people who’ve been told they have 6 months to live have extended their lives well beyond what they were told to expect.

So, when do you think you will die? Do you think that you will die within the next year? Within the next one to five years? Within the next five to 10 years? Within the next 10 to 20 years? Within the next 20 to 30 years? Over 30 years from now? 40 years from now? 50 years from now? Longer?

You may think you don’t need to talk about death and asset protection. So, do you think the odds are for or against you dying today?

According to statistics nearly 155,000 people die every single day worldwide. I doubt that all of those who will die today thought they would. How many of those people do you think died with a solid plan in place for their assets to be distributed to their loved ones? In the U.S. more than 325,000 people die of sudden death every year. Unexpected deaths are due to accidents, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, falling, choking. Of course some of those sudden deaths are due to murders and other freak events.

It’s impossible to know when you will die. But, none of us can avoid it. And, when you prepare for it in advance by making sure your assets are protected and will be passed on to the people you love without any snags, then whenever that final day comes, you can go in peace. At least it’s comforting to know that you can be certain that your affairs are in order.