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The Coronavirus and My Reality

Image of elder care attorney elder care coronavirus caring for elderly  on estate management asset protection law site

I keep seeing the question posed on Facebook, “Do you actually know anyone who has COVID-19 or died from it?”  And, personally, former clients and friends are asking “are you able to do your elder care law during this virus”?  My answer to all three questions are “Yes, Yes, and Yes.”

Yes, I have personally known people affected by COVID-19.  The horse trainer where we were keeping two of our horses, near our farm, contracted the coronavirus, along with 12 of his close family members (spouse, adult children and minor grandchildren).

Yes, I have had a client die from the coronavirus. I have also received an urgent plea from a neighbor about a married couple in their 90’s both on hospice due to COVID-19 and needing a place to get care and “die together.”

Yes, The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm is still open and operating during this virus, but with significant changes to our policies and procedures. We conduct all appointments over the phone or video chat. Fortunately, each of our staff members have their own private offices where they can stay and work safely. When we walk through our public spaces, we all wear masks. When we do have the occasion to meet with clients in the office, we take temperatures, require masks, and never double book client appointments.

While it has been different, it has been manageable and safe. Unfortunately, we have also seen a significant reduction in client matters, reducing our necessary income to operate as before, and causing us to feel the same, or similar, financial stress the rest of America is feeling.

This is a bit confusing to me.  Now, more than ever, people should understand that good health and life itself are unpredictable. And when things are unpredictable, the best course of action is to hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

In this case, planning for the worse is to ensure your health care advance directive and will are drafted, up-to-date, and signed BEFORE anything bad happens. If you never get the virus, or if your symptoms are not severe, then what was the harm in being prepared?  Nothing. These are documents EVERY person 18 years old or older should have.

I hear from other that more people die from influenza, cancer, hear disease, car accidents, etc.  I do not disagree with the numbers. All of those people should have their documents in place too. This pandemic is just a reminder that good health and life are precious, no matter what  your beliefs, no matter where  you live, no matter your political affiliation.

If you live in Georgia, specifically the metro-Atlanta area, The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm would like to help you hope for the best but plan for the worst. Being prepared is the best gift you can give to others, as well as yourself.

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If you have had a loved one die, due to COVID-19 or any other cause, The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm also helps families with probate and trust administration. Let us do the ground work so you can do the grief work.