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Some Say That Living Well Is The Best Revenge

estate plan and planning for the estate after death

Revenge aside, when all is said and done, it’s truly great to both live well and to die well.

But, dying well is not exactly a popular topic of conversation. Not yet! I am, however, hopeful that it will be a regular and expected conversation amongst us humans.

We all know the signs and symbols of those who supposedly “live well.” The homes, the cars, the wardrobe, the club memberships, the toys, the worldly travel, etc. Sure the list of accomplishments and possessions may vary, but there is always a list.

This all begs the question, how does one die well?

As we evolve and mature as a species, I am of the opinion that this is one of the most important questions individuals and families can think about. You know, we put so much thought and energy into planning for the birth of our children, our marriages, buying our homes and our automobiles, but we avoid talking about our deaths. That’s like not having an exit strategy. And anyone in business knows how important an exit strategy is.

As a result there is little if any true planning for death. Of course there are wills, because everyone wants to know who is going to get all of those great things you acquired while living the ‘good life’. And there is most likely going to be some infighting over those things. There might even be devastating family fractures as a result of someone not getting what they wanted.

Dying well includes having intimate conversations with our families and loved ones about how we want to live out our days and where. It includes making sure we have the assets to provide for our long-term care if needed. And it involves considering how our exits will affect those left behind.

Do you have a solid, well-thought out exit strategy?

If you’d like to make sure you do, give us a call. We help individuals and families who want to die well, creating solid estate and asset protection plans so they can really rest in peace.