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Protect Aging Parents From Scams

aging parents

In this modern world scams can be found everywhere.

We live in a digital world and a world of technologically advanced scam artists who are always at the ready to take advantage of the naïve and unsuspecting. Among these victims are our aging parents who very often are lonely and bored. Even if caring for your aging parent(s) is a top priority, unless you live nearby, which many adult children do not, it is easy for aging seniors to become bored. When they do, they often are lured into the excitement of playing lotteries, enrolling in sweepstakes and talking to scammers who call on the phone.

According to the U.S. Postal Inspectors, more than 1,000 suspects are arrested each year for fraud conducted via mail. They also state that, “Although people 60 and older account for 26 percent of all telemarketing fraud victims, 60 percent of people in that age group are victims of prize or sweepstakes fraud.”

It’s important to make sure our aging parents have more than one source of social interaction.

Of course, parents prefer the company and attention of their children. In many cases their friends are also elderly and possibly unable to get out on their own. And, even if you do have the services of a caregiver, it’s highly unlikely that your parent will have interests in common and therefore likely not to enjoy a sense of social interaction satisfaction, fun or excitement with that person.

Adult children caregivers have a big responsibility in a busy world.

However, aging parents should be protected from scams and can be when children make it a priority to spend as much time as possible with them. Schedule fun outings that include your own children. Picnics, movies, plays, musical events or whatever interests appeal to the parent can be planned. Remember, your parents will not be around forever. I’ve heard it so often that once someone’s parents have departed the children who were caregivers wish they had spent even more time together. And protecting them from becoming victimized by criminals is a noble cause.