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How To Preserve Independence Through A Well-Thought Out Estate Plan

Image of will trust preparing a will estate planning  on estate management asset protection law site

Pretty much every client I have worked with over the years has expressed the desire to remain independent as long as possible. The idea of independence includes more than merely being able to remain in one’s own home instead of an assisted living facility. Independence also includes having financial affairs handled in the same way you’ve handled them throughout your life. It also means your assets are distributed according to your desires and that your long-term care is provided according to your wishes.


Even though this is a common desire, it is not common for people to take the actions that will assure their desires are met. That next crucial step requires creating a well-thought-out estate and asset protection plan that includes provisions for long-term care. In order to maintain your independence, you must have a plan in place. This is true no matter how young or old you are.


We have been witnessing the untimely deaths of far too many young people due to COVID-19, many of whom most likely never considered end-of-life planning. I just read about a 20-year old college student found dead in her dorm in Indiana from COVID-19. None of us knows when our time on this earth will be up. And these days even most college students have valuable assets that they would want distributed in particular ways to their loved ones.


Independence is something we each long for from the time we are teenagers and all the way through to our death. We love doing things the way we want to do them. With a well-thought-out estate plan in place, your chances of enjoying independence through to your last breath is a dream you can make come true.