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Foster Care Homes Program Provides For Veterans Who Can’t Live On Their Own

VA Foster Care veteran's affairs attorney

As a veteran and an attorney specializing in elder law including veteran’s affairs, I do everything I can to help my fellow veterans.

Unfortunately, there are many veterans in our country who do not have family members to help them when they are elderly, ill and/or incapable of safely living on their own.

This is why I am writing this month about an amazing program designed to help these veterans. It is the VA Medical Foster Homes Program and it is designed to specifically help veterans who have serious, chronic disabling conditions that meet the nursing home level of care. These vets require health care coordination and increased access to VA services.

This amazing program helps veterans maintain a level of dignity of life in a loving, family environment with people who choose to provide care for these people who have served their country.

In a U.S. News article published last year, the medical foster home program, “brings together a person who is willing to open their home and serve in the role of strong family caregiver” with a VA coordinator who manages the program, and a multidisciplinary home care team that provides in-home care to the veteran and training to the caregiver. The medical foster home is matched to the veteran’s physical, social, emotional, supervision and safety needs.”

In a more recent article, I read about a family who hosts veterans in need on their farm. Their kids are learning valuable lessons about helping others and the veterans are feeling like they belong to a family.

Our Veterans Deserve Better

Currently 126 VA medical centers in 44 states and U.S. territories are operating or developing medical foster homes. More than 1,000 veterans are enrolled, with about 700 caregivers are participating in the program.

According to the USNews article, “Depending on their location, veterans pay the medical home foster caregiver an average of $2,400 a month, or roughly $80 per day for room, board and personal assistance. One-fourth of these veterans are eligible for fully VA-paid nursing home care, yet they choose to spend their personal funds for [medical foster homes] because they greatly prefer this type of care.”

Maybe you know a veteran that may qualify for this program or someone who would be interested in participating. Our veterans deserve this program.