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Establish Funeral Arrangements In Your Estate Plan

Image of Georgia estate planning attorney funeral planning funeral arrangements estate planning  on estate management asset protection law site

You certainly cannot plan your entrance into this world, but you can absolutely plan your exit from it down to the smallest details. And, as we have learned in the past year and a half, once you have a family and some assets, it’s never too soon to plan for the eventuality of your own death.

Making sure to establish funeral arrangements in your estate plan helps to ensure your wishes are met and that this burden is not passed down to family.

If you have ever experienced the loss of someone close to you, especially if that loss is sudden and unexpected, you already know how emotionally difficult the days, weeks, and months after that event can leave you. It’s difficult to carry out the simplest tasks when suffering the loss of a loved one, let alone having to make important decisions. Having an established estate plan is also the best way to avoid conflict that might arise among loved ones, especially when emotions are already strained.

If you’re not quite ready for an estate plan, you should definitely have a will. However, a key advantage of an estate plan is its power to minimize the probate process and its expenses, delays, and loss of privacy.

The type of information to record in your final arrangements document includes:
Whether you want a funeral or memorial service;
Where the service should be held;
Who should be specifically notified of your death;
Whether you want to be cremated or buried;
Where you would like your ashes stored or disposed of or where you want to be buried;
And, if you have money set aside to pay for your final expenses you’ll want to designate where that money is.

You can also leave instructions for specific music you want played at your service, if you have one. None of us knows for sure when we will be taken from this earth, but we can plan our exit to be smooth and helpful to the loved ones we leave behind. Thinking about how we want to leave our loved ones cared for can be a joyful and loving act. It does not have to be a fearful proposition. It is the sign of being thoughtful, loving and compassionate.

Don’t get caught off-guard. You can learn from the recent COVID-19 pandemic and establish estate plans that include funeral plans and know that should your time here be up you have a solid plan in place and your loved ones will not have to take care of business for you.

Setting up an estate plan that includes funeral arrangements will give you the peace of mind that those you love will not be burdened with the task. It also ensures that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

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