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Elder Care Attorney Or Estate Planning Attorney

Image of estate plan Elder Law elder care plans elder care attorney asset protection planning  on estate management asset protection law site

Getting older comes with its own unique set of legal issues, especially if we, or a loved one, are not able to care for ourselves.

If no arrangements have been made earlier, it can be emotionally difficult watching a loved one struggle with health and financial difficulties. It is during times like these that one is faced with how to best solve the issues. Sometimes it is not clear to whom we should turn for help.

While some Estate Planning Attorneys are versed in Elder Care Law, many are not.

However, a good, Certified Elder Law Attorney should be well versed in issues regarding estate planning. Their expertise should include powers of attorney, advanced directives for health care, guardianship and conservatorship actions, trust and will creation and management, Veterans benefits, Medicare and Medicaid, and asset protection. So, depending on your circumstances and requirements, either, an Estate Planning Attorney versed in elder care or a reputable Certified Elder Care Attorney should be able to meet all of your needs.

The primary focus of elder care is to implement safeguards for quality of life as an individual grows older.

An attorney versed in elder care will focus on a holistic approach to aging well through challenging circumstances by addressing long-term health needs, housing and financial issues. This may include discussing the legal implications about guardianship, Veterans Benefits, Medicaid, Medicare claims and appeals, disability planning, estate planning, nursing home issues, elder abuse and fraud, and retirement.

Also, if a parent resists advice from his or her children, or when discussions about declining health and navigating finances become too heated between family members, both of which often happens, an elder care attorney can step in to help smooth the way.

The sooner you begin discussing asset protection and elder care plans with aging loved ones, and doing your due diligence in finding an appropriate attorney, the better prepared you will be when the time comes to implement long-term care and asset protection.


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