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Elder Care Tips: Do Your Part To Prevent Elder Abuse, Denial And Neglect

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When considering elder care tips, here is a fact everyone must face: all parents are not cut out to be parents.

The abuse and neglect of children is well-known and documented. Not all people who become parents whether consciously, accidentally or serendipitously, are necessarily destined to be caring or loving guardians for their children. Regardless, few people who may not have made a conscious decision to become a parent decide to place their child for adoption either. Given the choice to put their children in the loving care of others through adoption might be the most loving thing in many instances, but that doesn’t often happen, and the abuse of children continues.

The same is true for the elderly.

Not everyone who finds themselves in the role of caregiver is cut out to be a caregiver for an aging parent or adult with diminished capabilities. Even if the parent is in a facility, children and family members who neglect to visit are engaging in a form of abuse. Many times in the case of parents or loved ones with dementia, the family member will rationalize their neglect with statements such as, “that’s not my mom” or “my dad is no longer in there” or “what’s the point of visiting when she/he doesn’t recognize me or even remember that I was there?”

Admittedly, it’s difficult to take care of our elderly loved ones. We all tend to dehumanize others to make ourselves feel better about our own guilt and discomfort. It’s especially difficult when our loved ones are totally dependent on caregivers whether they are family members or professionals. It is a constant mixture of demands on the caregiver and the needs of the elderly that can lead to volatile situations in which abuse is more likely to occur.

Our elders deserve to be treated with respect.

Many adult children and other caregivers find their roles to be very satisfying. But they must take care of themselves too. Sometimes it is merely a case of burnout that leads to milder forms of neglect and abuse.

This is why we at The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm emphasize the importance of planning for the long-term care needs of aging parents. Having a plan that allows for the best possible care for yourself and/or your loved ones is the most gratifying form of care you can give. It is also how you can do your part to prevent elder abuse.