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Become A Caregiver With No Regrets

caregiver for aging parent

Becoming a caregiver is a big commitment.

We often take on the role of being our parents’ caregivers, sometimes by default and other times consciously and willingly. When you do become a caregiver, whether for a parent, a friend, relative or other loved one, it’s important to understand that you are also becoming the voice for that person. You must understand the wishes of the one you are caring for before you can help make important decisions for them. You need to know what they want or don’t want as they approach the end of life.

When you consider that our healthcare system is designed to treat or fix, you may discover that when people get older they may not be treatable or fixable. They may not want to undergo a series of tests that might lead to surgery, especially when they may be too fragile to survive a surgical procedure.

Topics such as these require serious discussions.

And they are often difficult albeit important ones. Of course, it’s best if families address these issues long before a health crisis presents itself. Prior to an incident is the time to fully understand the values of your loved ones. You want to know that you are following the values of the one who has entrusted their care to you, not your values. And, just know that as the saying goes, when push comes to shove, this can be really hard to do.

Finally, if you are acting as caregiver for an aging parent, it’s important to know for yourself what you need to do to have no regrets when all is said and done. And then do that thing. You want to be able to go through the remainder of your life knowing that what you either did or did not do was the best for your loved one.