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Elderly Care: American Adults Are Getting Older While Their Caregivers Are Getting Younger

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Trends in Elderly Care are Shifting.

Nowadays we are seeing younger and younger family caregivers.

In the last couple of decades due to several factors, one of which was the economic disaster of the early 2000’s, many children have lived with and been raised by their grandparents. While their typically single mother tended to work, the childcare was provided by grandparents.

And likewise, as these grandparents get older, their grandchildren are being tasked with caregiving. According to a recent poll, a third of American adults under age 40 have provided care for an older relative or friend, and another third expect to be called upon to do so within the next five years.

This is placing a tremendous burden on young people who are often just hitting their stride in a career and/or caring for their own young families. Which may be why it has also been noted that younger caregivers are more likely than older ones to feel more stressed out with their duties. This is also the time when families begin thinking about their own retirement and long-term care needs.

As these younger adults who have grown up in the digital generation are tasked with caregiving duties, they are turning to the digital world to help.

They may be raising their own children and have experience with baby monitors which is giving rise to granny monitors as well as visual remote monitoring.

There is no question that the digital world is making it easier for some elderly adults to feel more connected as their younger generation relatives who teach them how to make use of the computer and smart phone. This makes it possible to have video calls which are more satisfying than a phone call. Video calls can reduce the social isolation many elderly adults experience.

While the younger generation and the digital world is helpful, nothing is more helpful than having a well thought out and executed legal plan to provide the quality care you and/or your loved ones deserve.