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A Continuing Discussion About A Topic Most People Don’t Want To Discuss



It’s not exactly the cheeriest of topics. In fact, most Americans would rather avoid the topic altogether. I have discovered though that there are some people who cherish and look forward to having intelligent discussions around this most final and completely mysterious subject.

We hosted our first Death Discussion event on May 23rd, 2019. The people in attendance were very appreciative to have a forum where they could share how death has impacted them. One young lady shared that she currently has untreatable cancer.

The Prospect of Death

Those facing the prospect of death have no outlet for discussing and sharing what it means to live facing the prospect of death. Those who have been impacted by the death, be it unexpected or expected, of a loved one often have no one to whom they can express their thoughts and feelings.

In our culture, death is typically hidden away. It usually occurs in hospitals though more and more people are expressing a desire to spend their final days on this earth in their own homes surrounded by family members and loved ones. That’s how it once was before this most natural event was somehow made to seem unnatural and heinous.

Continuing the Conversation

Our first Death Discussion meeting was just the beginning of a greater, deeper, continuing conversation. There are still questions people want to ask, feelings people want to share, and ideas of impact we as a community can implement. We will be holding future discussions and will post those event dates on our website.