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When Legal Zoom Should Not Even Be A Question

Image of Legal Zoom legal documents  on estate management asset protection law site

Legal Zoom… You Hear A Lot About It These Days. But Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

To my way of thinking, the attorney-client relationship is among the most sacred. It is a relationship founded on a deep sense of trust. I do everything in my power to ensure my clients feel secure in trusting me when placing their legal concerns in my hands. To gain a client’s trust is a privilege. So, when I start getting questions about online sites like Legal Zoom for wills and estate plans, the red flags start flying.

One Size Legal Document Does Not Fit All

The digital age has lured so many people into thinking that anything and everything can be accomplished online. Google this and Google that and you have answers that once would have taken a researcher weeks to discover. However, the legal system is so complex, so specific in its language and meaning that online legal services can in no way replicate, duplicate or even approximate the services of a reputable, experienced and devoted attorney. When you need legal documents that are meant to protect your businesses, your assets and to benefit your heirs according to your specifications, you want to know that the documents you have will stand up in court and will actually accomplish what you want them to.

Free Can Become Very Expensive If Your Legal Forms Don’t Hold Up In Court

Free basic legal forms have been available online for many years. The documents vary state-to-state, so it doesn’t make sense to pay an online service for documents that may or may not be the right ones for your state or county and may not stand up in court when you can get them for free. Legal forms and documents are created to provide peace of mind and protection. Incorrect and inadequately drafted legal documents are just flimsy pieces of paper that could end up being the most expensive pieces of paper you’ve possessed. I can say this with certainty: Under no circumstances should you use DIY legal forms for any will or estate planning that includes a list of beneficiaries.

As an estate and asset protection attorney, I deal with some of the most complex legal issues involving family members who are often surprised at the reading of a will. Believe me when I tell you, there are few things that can be more damaging to a well thought out estate plan than when a disgruntled heir or relative challenges the validity of a will and succeeds in having a court declare it invalid. I have not had the experience, but I do know people who have.

Every Will And Estate Plan Is Customized, Tailored To Specific Needs And Desires

We attorneys use legal forms, but only as a starting point. A single form does not end up as the final document. We merge multiple forms. We revise language when necessary. We ensure the document does what each client needs. No two clients are alike. The key is making sure that you have the right provisions in a document, and those provisions will stand up in a court of law if questioned.

I cannot tell you a single time when a DIY legal form and online service would serve anyone better than a qualified, reputable attorney. If you choose to use an online service, the only thing I have to say is pray that you will never need to use the document.

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