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Separation From Loved Ones And Earned Benefits Threatens Aging Population

is Medicaid at risk

We human beings are afraid of being separated from our good.

Those things that give us comfort and nourishment, physically, emotionally and mentally are our family and friends, our jobs and finances, our health and well-being, which we often work with doctors and other professionals to help preserve.

Often those things we hold dear are threatened in political games.

Fighting over a wall prompted the partial government shutdown this time – a proposed wall meant to separate people from each other. And, in this recent shutdown, many people were separated from paychecks needed to feed themselves and their families. Imagine the anxiety. Maybe you don’t have to imagine. Maybe you were directly affected.

Medicaid could be the next political football. The subject has been tossed around enough times to create anxiety among a growing elderly populace and the next generation that will be wanting the benefits they have been paying for.

No one can be certain if or when they may be separated from the care they currently receive or if the programs will even exist if and when needed for long-term care. It’s a frightening proposition and one that no one should be holding their breath and wait to be affected by.

Elder Population Living Longer

With an ever-growing population that is living longer, some people are likely to outlive their children and potentially their financial resources. If you don’t outlive your children, your children could be in the same boat as you are and not be in a position to tend to your care. You may be looking to other relatives, grandchildren or great grandchildren who may be in the midst of their careers and families, saving for college and their own retirement.

No Reason To Wait For Disaster To Strike

At this moment, Medicaid programs could be the next target for political warfare. However, if you are at all forward thinking, and it’s a good idea to start looking ahead – now’s the time to establish a plan that can help cover your needs in the event Medicaid programs continue to be whittled away.

The peace of mind my clients experience when they have a plan to save for the future and a solid legal plan in place to protect their savings in the event of another crash or other disasters, is priceless. No matter where you are, if you have any assets at all, they can be protected.

The Best Time To Plan Is Years Before You Have The Need

Having contingency plans is always a good idea especially since we humans are never certain what tomorrow will bring. Having the guidance of an experienced professional on your side is a plus when you want to protect what’s most valuable to you and exercise control over your own future rather than being at the mercy of fluctuating economies and politics. The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm has been helping clients grow and protect their assets. Why wait to protect what you have? Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Don’t let unforeseen circumstances separate you from your good.