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Elder Law Tips: Those Suffering From Many Diseases Could Be Candidates For Medical Marijuana

Image of medical marijuana legalization hemp CBD oil Alzheimers  on estate management asset protection law site

Elder Law Tips: Seniors and Medical Marijuana

Why discuss seniors and medical marijuana in our elder law tips?

Seniors and/or the elderly might not commonly be the first group you think about when discussing medical marijuana. Yet, medical marijuana has been known to relieve the suffering of many conditions faced by seniors today.

Marijuana is now legal in some form in 33 states.

It’s been all over the news for several years now. The legalization of recreational marijuana in some states, while in other states, laws have been passed that allow the use of medical marijuana with a doctor’s prescription for a specific list of conditions.

The interesting fact is that our founding fathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams grew hemp, which is a cousin to marijuana. In fact, hemp was one of the most widely grown crops throughout the U.S. up until it was banned in the 1937. Hemp, being a cousin of marijuana, got a bad rap and got tossed out like the proverbial “baby in the bath water.”

Hemp and CBD Oil

Hemp has historically been grown to make fibers for clothing and for rope. It is one of the strongest fibers known to mankind. And, it is making a comeback for its use not only as a fiber but as a replacement for plastics. Along with its use as a fiber, CBD oil is also a product of the hemp plant. This oil is readily available today in drug stores and anyone can buy it without a prescription. CBD oil has been known to help people sleep better, as well as relieve anxiety and depression. CBD oil is available with and without THC which is the element in marijuana that makes people high. In other words, it affects the brain. Non-THC CBD oil works to relax the body and has no hallucinogenic effect on the brain.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is strictly regulated by the government and you must be on a registry with a doctor’s prescription in order to use it. Medical marijuana has been known to relieve the suffering of those with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, seizure disorders, Crohn’s Disease, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and many other painful conditions.

My mission in life is to help people live and die better. Helping my clients and others who are suffering understand the benefits of CBD oil and medical marijuana and help them get over any stigma associated with its use aligns with my life mission. I look forward to the day when many more people are relieved of their pain and suffering as a result of this natural product that is non-addictive, has no side effects and does not interfere with other drugs.


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