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Please Do Not Underestimate The Seriousness Of COVID-19

Image of stay home social distancing global pandemic COVID 19 coronavirus  on estate management asset protection law site

No one is immune from COVID-19.

People all over the country are still moving about, traveling from state to state, city to city, and around their towns. Seemingly oblivious are they to the severe nature of this virus that is sweeping around the globe exponentially. Healthy younger people are not immune though they are acting as if they are. No one is immune. The doctors and nurses who are treating the sick are not immune. The supermarket heroes are not immune. Actors and musicians are not immune – Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson got it and Joe Diffie, age 61, just died from it.

One of my employees has three cousins that have contracted COVID-19 and another employee has friends on ventilators because of it.

This is no laughing matter. Despite the fact that we are a country of people who relish the freedom to come and go as we please, this is not the time to rebel. This is the time to be absolutely compliant so that we can get our freedom back more quickly.

Stay Home

It may seem strange to many people today to stay at home and cook a meal or play games with the family. But, some of us were actually alive before hand-held computers/phones/social media came along to make us think we had to be alerting the world to our every meal and hiccup. Before people posted their every outing to the newest, hippest bar or restaurant or their weekend road trip or their world travels, there was a time when people just did what they did without the need for an audience.

Without the ‘likes’ or hearts or thumbs up of friends and strangers, you may not know how to navigate the stillness, the quietness, the eternity of the endless now. But, I beg you to do it! In fact, you can still post your daily routine or find some interesting way to entertain others during this enforced stay-cation.

Take Care Of Important Business

We have never been faced with the potential for widespread, rapid and unexpected death in this country. With this global pandemic we are in brand new territory. It needs to be taken with the greatest degree of seriousness.

I just saw a Facebook post this morning from Dr. Michelle Au, a physician who is running for the Senate here in Georgia. She and her spouse are both physicians. In her post she said that they spent the last few days revising their will. In a two-physician family, the fact is that they are both at serious risk. So, in addition to which of them should be the executor or who should have the power of attorney, they have to consider others in the event they should both die. As Dr. Au stated at the end of her post, “This is for all the people who are not taking #COVID19 seriously.”

If you have a Facebook account, you may have seen it. I mention it here for all of you who may not have seen it on social media.

Young And Vulnerable

It doesn’t matter what age you are. If you have a family, if you have assets that you want specific loved ones to have upon your death and you have not created a will or an estate plan, there is no time like the present. Our office can get you started with virtual meetings and phone calls. If you are ready to take the seriousness of this pandemic and your own life seriously, let’s begin.

Please stay safe for your family and loved ones and all of your fellow human beings.


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