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Planning A Vacation With An Aging Parent

Image of travel with seniors Summer vacation family trip family caregiver aging parents  on estate management asset protection law site

Travel is one of life’s most rewarding activities and it appeals to all ages.

For seniors, travel is even more exciting because it gets them out of their often-lonely day-to-day lives. Even for those with early onset Alzheimer’s, travel can still be an enjoyable experience that is looked forward to with excitement.

Sometimes the adult children who are caregivers to an aging parent have limited time and can accomplish double duty when taking a vacation together with the parent(s). With summer coming, it’s a great time to consider getting your parent out and about and getting a little change of scenery for yourself.

Things To Consider When Traveling With Seniors

If you are thinking about getting mom or dad/mom and dad out for an adventure this summer be sure to plan with their needs in mind. Consider their interests first, then their mobility, their mental and emotional capacity and other medical needs in the equation. Also be aware that there are some destinations and forms of travel that are much better suited for seniors than others. I came across a great article that highlights some destinations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe that you can check out here.

Obligatory Travel

Sometimes family obligations determine where you’ll be going with your aging parent. The birth of a grandchild or great grandchild, a wedding, a graduation or simply enjoying an intergenerational vacation could mean that the specific needs of your aging parents are not going to be the priority. If that is the situation, you’ll want to research the details of the location and make sure that their needs can be accommodated. And, you certainly don’t want them to miss out on the event even if the circumstances are less than ideal. Missing out could be a source of depression for your parent. Your parent may not be able to participate in all the activities, but with appropriate planning should be able to enjoy the company of their many family members.

Pleasure Travel

When you can plan a pleasure trip with your parent, you can select a destination that will provide interest for both you and your parent. You can also select a destination or series of destinations that are geared toward accommodating seniors. Many cruises are set up to cater to seniors with mobility challenges. Also, many popular destinations have accessible transportation.

Schedule Event At Your Parent’s Pace

Over-scheduling events will only cause anxiety especially if your parent has cognitive issues. Scheduling a single sight-seeing tour or visit to a cultural site is probably enough for most seniors. Unless of course you have an exceptionally healthy and active parent. In that case they may run you ragged. Enjoying leisurely meals overlooking spectacular viewpoints can be a special treat. With a comprehensive guide to the location you’ll be visiting you can make lunch and dinner reservations that will be all the more delightful because your parent will be with you.

Make Sure All Legal Paperwork Is Up-To-Date

Before taking off on your vacation adventure with your parent, double check that all legal documents are up-to-date. You simply never know what might happen and you want to be prepared for the worst while expecting the best from your travels. Who knows, maybe you will have so much fun together you’ll want to sprinkle a few weekend getaways together throughout the year.