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is Medicaid at risk

Separation From Loved Ones And Earned Benefits Threatens Aging Population

We human beings are afraid of being separated from our good. Those things that give us comfort and nourishment, physically, emotionally and mentally are our…

Baby Boomer care for elderly parents

Baby Boomers Who Care for Elderly Parents: New Age-Old Challenges

“You’re only as old as you feel.” … “Age is just a number.” … “60 is the new 40.” We’ve heard all the clichés about…

family caregiver - care giving for aging parents

Care Giving for Aging Parents: “Welcome To Your Life, There’s No Turning Back”

When thinking about care giving for aging parents, these words from the 1985 Tears For Fears song entitled “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” keep…

caring for elder parents

Caring for Elder Parents: Even Superhero Parents Age And Face Decline

Caring for elder parents can bring so many challenges… Let’s face it, at one time or another most kids consider their parents to be gods…

elder care taking care of aging parents

Taking Care of Aging Parents: What You Can’t Tell In A Weekly Phone Call Or Visit With An Elderly Loved One

Aging parents are not always docile when adult children attempt to assess their conditions and provide the appropriate level of care! I say this with…

familycaregiver trendsinelderlycare

Elderly Care: American Adults Are Getting Older While Their Caregivers Are Getting Younger

Trends in Elderly Care are Shifting. Nowadays we are seeing younger and younger family caregivers. In the last couple of decades due to several factors,…

giftoftime caringforagingparents

Caring for Aging Parents & Time: The Gift Of A Lifetime

Caring for aging parents can be stressful, but it can also be an amazing gift. Another one of life’s greatest gifts is one you can’t…

elderabuse eldercaretips

Elder Care Tips: Do Your Part To Prevent Elder Abuse, Denial And Neglect

When considering elder care tips, here is a fact everyone must face: all parents are not cut out to be parents. The abuse and neglect…

care for the aging

Caring for the Aging: From Age-Old Fears To Old-Age Fears

Caring for the aging can be challenging. It helps to remember “when”… When children are afraid, parents do everything they can to comfort and alleviate…

long termcareplanningandcaringforagingparents

Caring for Aging Parents: When Life Gets In The Way And Promises Go Unfulfilled

Life rarely goes exactly the way we want it to. Especially as we move into our elder years. It is not at all uncommon for…

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